Thursday, March 26, 2009

More than Shovel Ready

Collectively we need to emerge from the "wait and see" philsophy prevalent in the construction industry today and boldly move onward. We all need to take an active role in our company survival and planning for prosperity. Of course you've eagerly consumed every Construction Forecast, studied the reports of the forthcoming stimulus dollars and their proposed impact in our communities. But, have you invested the same in effort in planning how you will "do more" - for your clients, for your bottom line, and ultimately for keeping your job - "with less"?

You are not alone if you have focused primarily on the big issues of our market. But now is also the time to intelligently review every opportunity to increase competitiveness and eliminate waste.

Without debate, the days of fat margins are gone. Competition for jobs, pricing pressure and delivery expectations are fiercer than ever. Yet, a remaining opportunity to maximize your margins on every job remains largely unrealized. Inefficiency is a lingering problem; eating an estimated 3-7% of your gross margin on every project.

Get more than shovel ready; Get 'the Hub' and get ready to capture an average of 3% more revenue on every project, every day. Start your free trial today!

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