Friday, July 18, 2008

Site Safety Best Practices

Significant industry resources are applied to ensuring jobsite safety, appropriately so. Insurance provider Liberty Mutual findings (T. Christensen & C. O'Connor, ConstructionExecutive, May 2008) demonstrate what you practice daily in the field - incident response planning and documentation are critical in mitigating the financial risk to GCs by minimizing false or inacurrate claims and providing proof of professional diligence (vs. negligence).

Recognizing construction safety as an independent professional discipline, ConstructHub can offer additional value to GCs by serving as an important link in the process. Through Daily Reports and Safety modules, on site staff can readily access and document incidents according to appropriate procedures - with consistency and clarity. The quality and timeliness of documentation surrounding an incident is of fundamental value in defending claims (pg. 18). An ability to document utilizing photos, movies with sound and written reports while managing the incident from the field is seemlessly supported using ConstructHub's net-native tools with pda & Internet access.

ConstructHub's software as a service and technology agnostic platform make it simple and cost effective to add value to your project management and jobsite safety programs. Learn more today.

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