Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Richest Data Comes from the Field

April 2008's Construction Executive Magazine's 'Tech Trends' section validates the opinion that construction's front line of field personnel - field engineers, superintendents, foremen etc. - are today's knowledge workers. And as such, the front line field staff can have considerable, direct positive impact on a project's bottom line (Webb, p.12-15).

ConstructHub shares this perspective and offers GC's the often missing or incomplete tool to capture the data as it happens on the site. PDAs, dummy terminals and simple notebooks with Internet connections allow field and management staff instantaneous access to site documentation, photos, videos, meeting minutes, daily reports, and inspection reports with self-managed alert functions. The field staff is empowered to easily translate the information in real time and the PMs at the office are automatically alerted when information of designated importance is completed.

Empowering project field staff is a win-win. Superintendents using ConstructHub tout its ease, organization benefits, flexibility and accessibility to project information from anywhere, anytime. Webb points out the secondary benefit of employee engagement from use of a collaboration tool in field and goes on to offer 10 implementation factors to consider.

Before finalizing a decision for tool selection, ConstructHub welcomes the opportunity to partner with you in determining success factors for your business. Leveraging mass customization and Software as a Service delivery methodologies deliver web 2.0 value to Construction Management and Project Management disciplines using ConstructHub.

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