Friday, February 15, 2008

2008 Forecasts

Like many of you, I've been digesting vast quantities of construction industry forecast information I can locate to best understand the challenges our industry faces and how ConstructHub is or can be poised to alleviate strain and deliver futher quantifable benefits.

The January edition of Construction Executive provided numerous direct references to the increasing importance of technology in construction.

"Contractors should focus on modern methods, such as construction technology, to enhance and streamline ordinary business practices" shares Matt Stevens, author of Managing a Construction Firm on Just 24 Hours a Day (Pinch, L., January 2008. What to anticipate in '08, p. 30, Construction Executive).

"Industry executives should devote more resources to exploring the benefits they can derive from using the Internet" (Jurewicz, B., January, 2008. Taking Advantage of Online Communication Technology, p. 45, Construction Executive). Why? As Jurewicz clearly advises, "by posting critical project information online and instantly executing multiple tasks efficiently and cost-effectively, online communications allow personel to engage in other works that delivers more value to the business" (p.45).
Exactly! Articulate, simple and readily achievable advice. ConstructHub is founded on these principles and delivers with proven, measurable results. Try it yourself free for 30 days to execute on emerging best practices in our industry and define your organization as a competitive, leader in the market.

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